A New Web Design Company in Grand Forks, North Dakota

This is another in a series of blog posts that are on a more personal basis, shared here as in-depth history of the company and the people behind it.

For those of you that don’t already know, NBM Web Designs started out originally in Colchester, Essex a medium sized town in the South East of England and one that can claim to be the oldest recorded town in England!. In October 2011, bags were packed and I set sail (OK, flew) across the ocean to America.

Of course it wasn’t quite as simple as that but that year I found myself calling Grand Forks, North Dakota my new home. However, it wasn’t until later that we were able to offer our services to people and business in and around the North Dakota / Minnesota area.

Having previously spent some time in Canada, specifically Winnipeg (this gives you a small insight to why we chose Grand Forks), I was somewhat accustomed to life in North America. I quickly got used to the more laid back way of doing things and very much loved how everyone made me feel welcome.

I still maintain a client base in the UK and go back as often as I can but am looking forward to meeting and working with clients closer to my new home.