Frequently Asked Questions

What's with the robot question on your contact forms?

This is the new replacement for those annoying images that made you try and figure out what the fuzzy text was. Instead, all you have now is a simple check box, easy. Sometimes though there are times when the magic behind the scenes can't figure out if you're real or not in which case it'll ask you to click on some images instead. It's a simple method to reduce spam and if you were looking to get a contact form on your website, I highly recommend it.

How long will it take to complete a project?

The honest answer is "it depends". Every project is different, each with a unique set of requirements and level of complexity. We currently have a lead time of 3 - 4 weeks and we typically aim to complete projects in 2 - 8  weeks, though large complex projects may take longer. You will of course be given a more exact completion time as part of the quote process.

Does NBM Web Designs offer any after-sales support?

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on our level of customer service throughout the entire project from pre-sales enquiries, throughout the ongoing project and continuing on after completion. We offer a fast response e-mail service either directly or using the forms available on this site and you can also contact us by phone or text or through social media.

What payment methods does NBM Web Designs offer?

We do our best to accommodate all of our client's preferred payment methods and can currently accept payments via Payal (our preferred payment option - fast, simple and you don't even need an account to use it), cheque and credit / debit card payments. We are working on more options and if you prefer to pay using a method not mentioned here then we would gladly try to make that option available too.

Do I need to have my own domain name?

You will need a domain for your website but it is not something that you need to have in place before you get in touch with us. We can work with you to find and purchase the best domain name for your business. If you do have an existing domain that you'd like to use then fantastic, we can certainly work with you there as well.

I have an existing website, can you help update it?

We are more than happy to work with existing websites and hosting partners, be it minor updates or complete redesigns.

Will my website contain adverts?

Unless you specify that you want to run any form of advertising on your website then absolutely not. NBM Web Designs does not place ads on your website for any reason unless it is a project requirement.

I have a question that wasn't answered here.
If you could not find an answer to your question on this page, please contact us using either the quick contact forms on the website or for our complete range of contact options, visit our contact page.